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Que los peques se diviertan con las burbujas...

Divertidas burbujas para jugar

Snake bubbles: -an empty bottle (I used a Gatorade bottle) -rubber band -terry cloth (I used a wash cloth) -liquid dish soap -water Mix the dish soap with some water, I did a 2 to 1 ratio soap to 1 water).

Manualidades para niños: Pompas de jabón para niños

Manualidad infantil fácil: pompas de jabón de colores

Rainbow Bubble Snakes - Need: Half a waterbottle, rubberband, bubbles (dishsoap/water), food coloring, sock. Steps: Dip sock held by a rubber band on the water bottle in food coloring in dish soap and food coloring and blow. Have fun!

8 Experimentos mágicos que asombrarán a los niños - Taringa!

8 Experimentos mágicos que asombrarán a los niños