Ana Maria Costin

Ana Maria Costin

Is not your business :)))
Ana Maria Costin
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Delicioso pastel de jamón cocido rápido y con pocos ingredientes. Vamos a necesitar: Pan de molde 5 huevos 3 tomates 600 gr. jamón cocido o paleta cocida 150 gr. mantequilla 200 ml. leche queso para gratinar sal y pimienta. Pre-calentamos el horno a 180º. Retiramos la corteza del pan de molde y aplicamos una fina ... ver más >>>

Delicious cake baked ham and fast with few ingredients . We will need: Sliced ​​bread 5 eggs 3 tomatoes 600 gr. cooked ham or palette 150 gr. butter 200 ml . milk cheese gratin salt and pepper.

Ponte en forma con este delicioso batido. #smoothies #perderpeso #jugosverdes

This remedy is for everyone who wants to detox or after a long workout or simply just want to drink something natural and healthy for you. Adding these ingrediants int your body with water can have many effects such as detoxing your body from past junk fo