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I love searching for cool sea shells on the beach. They're like little treasures of the sea and make great souvenirs.

El Capricho (exterior) - Arquitecto: Antonio Gaudi

Tower in Gaudi's El Capricho, Comillas -Cantabria, Spain - built between 1883 & 1885 - an example of Gaudí's orientalist trend

El Capricho. 1883. Cantabria, Spain. Antonio Gaudi.

Chimney of El Capricho, Cantabria, Spain architect Antonio Gaudi, 1883

gaudi el capricho - Pesquisa Google

Over dogs every year are tortured to death in Spain. Dogs for hunting and Galgo races (Spanish Greyhounds). Hanged, thrown alive into wells or/and burned alive.


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Villa y playa de Comillas | Cantabria | Spain

Villa y playa de Comillas | Cantabria | Spain

Comillas, Cantabria, Spain

Comillas, Cantabria, Spain