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Mama forgive me Russian prison tattoo

Mama forgive me Russian prison tattoo

Significado de algunos tatuajes.

russian-criminal-tattoos: This is what is destroying us! This tattoo is widespread in criminal circles. There are several versions, with and without text. [and one of my personal favourites]

russian-criminal-tattoos:  Don’t touch me if you want to live!

A typical ‘grin’ of a criminal of status. This menacing tattoo depicting a werewolf is usually applied to so-called ‘satanists’ or ‘dunces’ - inveterate transgressors of the prison regime.


Every image has a meaning when it comes to Russian tattoos-"Article 14 of the Criminal Code - The Concept of Crime. Shooting Will Reform Me." This light gray girly tee features Russian Tattoo art of a smokin' skull general in the center with Russian writ

Russian Prison Tattoos

russian-criminal-tattoos: Translation: ‘Take out bitches, stool-pigeons and traitors!’ The acronym ‘MIR’ spells the word for peace and stands for ‘Shooting will reform me’.