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10 Maneras de regalarle un romántico álbum a tu chico

How about a mini album in the form of a tag to add it as a label on the gift? Qué tal un mini álbum en forma de tag para añadirlo como etiqueta en el regalo?

de J!!

doodle a p for piano .Not necessarily going to make a letter cutout, but I may doodle the letters of my own name like this in my sketchbook if I get bored.

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Would be awesome "will you be my bridesmaid(s)" gift thingy (even if you're not planning an Easter wedding) 🐣💎

Anime para aprender a dibujar

I see potential amigurumi faces. DIY simple pen cute face, home, children can collect up to teach kids painting

Zentangle Inspired Monogram Letter Note Card by Leopardtude

Inspired Monogram Letter Note Card by Leopardtude I like this:,has vines and leaves running in and around the alphabet letter. Would be great for letter k.

Cómo hacer una cama para perros con un neumático / manualidades / DIY…

Cama para mascotas hecha con un neumático

Dogs truly are a man's best friend, so why not make them feel like it? These 14 DIY dog beds are sure to spoil your pet to the next level! Not only are these for your doggie best friends, but also loo