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Colorized photo of Panzer IV ausf. H tanks in France, 1944

Panzer IV ausf H somewhere in France, I hope you like the colourisation, don’t forget to tell what you think about it and about the Panzer IV. Its always a pleasure to color for you. ———————— Panzer IV Ausf H quelques part en France,

Panther Ausf. G from the 11th Panzer Division "Ghost division" near Bures, 20 september 1944 during the Battle of Arracourt. Of the 262 tanks and assault guns deployed by the German units in the week of fighting near Arracourt, 86 were destroyed, 114 were damaged or broken down, and only 62 were operational at the end of the month. Ont the US side the 4th AD lost some 41 M4 medium tanks and 7 M5A1 light tanks during the whole month of September, with casualties of 225 killed and 648 wounde

A Panther Ausf G with the panzer division (ghost division) near Lorraine, France during September 1944 in what was known as the Battle of Arracourt.September thru

Panther Ausf A coded 96 of Hptm Pfannkuche's II Battalion 33rd Panzer Regiment 9th Panzer Division; Normandy August 1944.

Panther Ausf A coded 96 of Hptm Pfannkuche's II Battalion Panzer Regiment Panzer Division, Normandy August

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, Nr. 921 (11.Pz.Div.) and Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G, Nr. 632, Russia center/south, June 1943.

German Panzers maneuver during the Battle of Kursk, July Kursk still remains the biggest tank battle in history. The Germans lost and the Soviets joined their relentless advance that brought them to Berlin.