Spray painting a frame: place the frame in a box, and spray one side of it with your choice of spray paint. Leave it in the sun to dry, and then flip it over and spray the other side. When both sides of the frame are dry, take the frame indoors.

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This would be very easy for kids to participate in. Just buy white carnations and add food coloring to the water in the tubes and watch the flowers change color. this would be very easy for high school and middle school kids.

Experimento infantil: un tornado en un frasco

This tornado in a jar would be a great visual for a science lesson. It is easy to make and interactive. The students can shake the jar in a circle to get the tornado formation and see its shape and how it moves. Adding "Elijah" to the jar?

How to Make Colored Rice

This also works for dry beans, dry blackeyed peas, and dry macaroni. (I used the rubbing alcohol to color mine and a glass mason jar. Be sure the lid is in tightly before you shake!

In the studio the children experiment with the light, its position, the placement of their hands and their bodies. Using this space as a venue to discover aspects of their shadows builds their base of understanding.