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L.I.-14 Upper Arm BINAO - Acupuncture Points -1

( Upper Arm BINAO - Acupuncture Points ) On the lateral aspect of the upper arm, on a line connecting ➞ and ➞ 7 cun proximal to ➞ and slightly superior to the pointed insertion of the deltoid muscle.

Levator scapulae origin, insertion, action, trigger points, test on

Levator scapulae is a muscle on both sides of the neck that helps elevate the shoulder blades. Pain can be caused by prolonged neck bending, swimming, etc.

Bureau de travail dans ma chambre camouflé par les 2 portes

Note to self: remember this as an idea for cat friendly living room. Add dark rustic floating shelves on the side and create one long platform across the top. Add invisible floating shelves on adjacent walls for more kitty mobility.