Pictures of kids in the tub in the bathroom... great idea!

jess do this jayla has the best tub pictures haha Pictures of kids in the tub in the bathroom. The Painted Home: { Home Tour by Grand Designs }

Best toilet paper idea EVER

Toilet paper tree for kids bathroom. Lol they'd have the bathroom looking like it was Halloween all year I can picture toilet paper streamers everywhere!


Master Bath - penny tile backsplash up to the ledge, mirrors leaning against the wall instead of mounted on the wall. the lights shining into the mirror instead of onto the face, mixing wood, black and white.

open bathroom

Tea Houses / Swatt


Gallery of House on a Stream / Architecture BRIO - 17

the exposed concrete walls at the Guest Bathroom are lit by an open to sky courtyard - House on a Stream, Alibag - Architecture BRIO, Mumbai / India

bath space made out of a giant pebble shaped granite piece brought back from Bali and sculpted as a bath receiver

Bathing in style with a granite boulder tub and chandelier shower head.although I just do not understand the chandelier shower head and the shear curtains.

glass front tub. This is cool but I would be scared as hell if I seen this in person for the first time!

i love the idea of this glass bath tub and how cool it looks but i am little afraid of how hard it would be to keep it clean and sparkly everyday. Plus I hope no one would walk in on you in the tub, that might be weird.

Bodenbelag für Dusche im Wellnessbereich

Bodenbelag für Dusche im Wellnessbereich [like that there is texture on the shower floor - slip resistant?

Muebles modernos en cuartos de baño

Tendencias para baños en 2016

The elegant glass shower cubicles are part of the most modern bathroom interior design. They are characterized by simple design and classic beauty. If you are looking for a new bathroom, you can en…

Nuevas tendencias en la decoración de baños modernos 2015

Nuevas tendencias en la decoración de baños modernos 2015