Old jeans recycle idea :)

Old jeans recycle idea :) TIC-TAC-TOE! put it out in the yard for kids summer games? or even to attract attention at craft shows?

Repurposed denim tote bag - love it

Repurposed denim tote bag - p'd by p'r eclatdusoleil/bags. Good for the market//wine bottles, and heavy items.

How to fix your old jeans

Adventures in Dressmaking: Essential blue jean mending method--Tutorial! I wish I would've found this before I threw away my favorite pair of jeans :( Jones Jones Butterfield

My DIY Projects: DIY Recycling Old Jeans to Skirt

DIY Jean Skirt clothes skirt jeans diy craft ideas diy ideas fabric diy clothes diy skirt when I get a sewing machine

Ankle bag, jeans, diy

This re-style would make an awesome money holding apron for craft shows or even yard sales ;) Or a nice nail pouch and tool belt for DIY projects

DIY Cool Handbag from Old Jeans

Diy Projects: Recycle Old Jeans Into Zippered Bag. I do need a duffle bag.

jeans bag

Old jeans DIY cute bags jeans can not wear and do not throw away! This bag is old jeans yo ~ ~ beautiful ~ ~ ~

Recycle Cargo Pants to a Toddler’s Skirt

How to make a patchwork toddler skirt from old pants (step by step instructions in a Tutorial Girl Style)

DIY: Hem jeans fast and easy - keep the original hem.

DIY: Hem Jeans Fast & Easy - shorten your jeans leaving the original hem intact! - not that i sew.