Estefanía Lavín García-Roldán

Estefanía Lavín García-Roldán

Estefanía Lavín García-Roldán
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Portrait of Marcel Duchamp by Denise Bellon, 1937

Marcel Duchamp - Worst of all were the highly conservative students who came to my defence, defending me for things I never said, and rationalizing positions that had only been attributed to me by the radicals in the newspapers.

Otti Berger subida a un telar en el taller de Dessau.

Women of Bauhaus: Otti Berger At The High Loom, - Unknown Photographer ©(Bauhaus Archive - Berlin

+ 100 Extrañas fotos antiguas [Megapost].

"The Headless Woman" Carnival Sideshow - This was a pretty common sideshow at state fairs back in the along with the other standards. The girl who turns into a gorilla. The South American Giant Rats (Capybaras) and assorted animal and human anomalies.

'Hatter's Tea Party', Alice in Wonderland, Opera Comique Theater in London, 1898

Tomado de FB: Improbables Librairies, Improbables Bibliothèques The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, with Rosa Hersee as Alice and Arthur Elliot as the Hatter at the Opera Comique Theatre in London, 1898