this movie! Newt in the background  screaming for Thomas to stop :)) (Thomas Brodie Sangster and Dylan O'Brien)

Bae (Thomas/Dylan) trying to become a hero from the Maze Runner (Dylan O'Brien & Thomas Brodie-Sangster in the background<<it so cute how Newt(Tomas) was trying to catch up to Tomas(Dylan).

Oooooo la la

Who Are You In The Maze Runner?

Attack on Titan // Maze Runner crossover. I always see people say the Maze Runner movie looks like a live action version of the other, and I&rsquo;m a fan of both, so why not combine them. Based off the Attack on Titan poster image.

Art Inspiration

Some Maze Runner art from the concept artist working on the film. This is absolutely beautiful!

mazerunnermovie @mazerunnermovie Instagram photos | Websta <<< Minho's arms though

Instagram Post by The Death Cure (@mazerunnermovie)

L'épreuve : La Terre Brûlée: Brenda ?

Le Labyrinthe : La Terre Brûlée // BA + Affiches

mazerunnermovie: See Brenda face the fire in the NEW Scorch Trials trailer in theaters with Paper Towns.