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On Kawara. One of my favorite post modern artists. He memorializes the temporal.

i got up . . . , 1977 • ink and stamps on postcards, in three frames • on kawara

On Kawara. Ink and stamps on postcard. Each (postcard, sight): 4 x 5 x Gift of Angela Westwater. © 2017 On Kawara. Painting and Sculpture

On Kawara – 24 FEV. 1969

On Kawara: 24 February From “Today” series, Acrylic on canvas, page of a journal in a cardboard box.

On Kawara – 23 JUL. 1982

unless otherwise noted, all images courtesy David Zwirner Gallery In case you were wondering what sculpted time looks like, now you know. On Kawara, the conceptual artist and one o

looking: On Kawara, I Went. From June 1, 1968 to September 17, 1979, On Kawara traced his path each day in red ink on a photocopied map of the city he was in. @CTSart #art

On Kawara, "I Went". From June 1968 to September On Kawara traced his path each day in red ink on a photocopied map of the city he was in.

#ART | On Kawara: "Something" (1963) From: Nothing/Something/Everything | "Kawara does not believe that authentic communication is possible. Any notion of the simple transmission and reception of messages between individuals is undermined by the over reliance of language on an overrated logic. All observations are distorted through preconception and our grasp of language, according to Kawara."

On Kawara, Something, 1963 -- from: Nothing / Something / Everything

On Kawara

I got up by On Kawara in Art Contemporain - Part I on April 2012 at the null null sale null, lot 33

On Kawara (title unknown)

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On Kawara, I Am Still Alive

On Kawara, the time teller - [art saves life]*

One Million Years (Past and Future) by On Kawara

On Kawara "One Million Years (Future and Past) Boxed Set (Berlin,Germany)