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Clash Royale/ Game of Thrones mix :D Something I did in my spare time Every end fits a King, even if killed by a hog!

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Still on a bug kick. I was interested in the idea of the transformation where the human endoskeleton becomes the new exoskeleton. I would imagine the flesh falling away to reveal the transformed body.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Check out the art work for a new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster by One-Punch Man artist Yuusuke Murata! The movie will be releasing in Japan.


*Cough cough illuminate cough cough confirmed cough cough triangular cough cough Wow I have a really bad cold

Naruto | Hidan

Even though he is responsible for Asuma' death (Rip Asuma 🙏😭) he's one of my fav characters.


Naruto 631 Minato Namikaze Tobirama Senju Hiruzen Sarutobi Man, this took hours, but I'm glad with the outcome. MINATO IS AWESOME! I put a heavy twist o. Naruto 631 - Let's Begin