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an empty room with white walls and lights
Turn the lights on: de mooiste interieurverlichting
Ook al is het niet het eerste waar je naar kijkt in huis, goede interieurverlichting kan een enorm verschil maken in de sfeer van een ruimte.
a living room filled with furniture and a tree in the middle of it's center
Check Out The Coworking Space, Talent Garden – Brescia
there is a sign on the refrigerator door that says in case of emergency use magnets
EAST! Random solar flares and sun spots.
standarddeviationsofsanity: lxventures: Pretty much sums up electricity… My motto for getting through next semester I have this advice on excellent authority via Marie Catherine Laveau. And making a sacrificing or two might not be remiss either. ~ Dazz
a whiteboard with writing written on it in a room that has blue walls and silver trim around the edges
DIY Glass Dry Erase Board with Aluminum Trim
a hand holding a pink piece of paper next to a wall with writing on it
Post-It Note Roller
Post-It Note Roller
three metal shelves filled with books and folders on white wall next to each other
Small storage | Organize in Nordic style | Finnish Design Shop
City Sunday is a magazine rack created by the designers Ingrid Svensson and Olle Wingård and inspired by real and utopian city structures. City Sunday is perfect at home but will also enrich office environments, libraries and lobbies. Several units can be combined together to create big, eye catching cityscapes. From the same designers also In the Neighbourhood newspaper stand, inspired by the silhouette of a super urban cityscape.
an office with bookshelves and desks in the woods
22 Things That Belong In Every Bookworm's Dream Home
¡Qué vista!
the interior of a modern office with wood paneling and green plants in vases
Jennifer Chong - Los Angeles Food and Still Life Photographer — Broadcast Coffee
Broadcast Coffee / Jennifer Chong
people are sitting at wooden tables and chairs in an open area with red walls, wood flooring and exposed lighting
Ryusuke Nanki Looks to Tea for the Palette of a Tokyo Salon - Interior Design
Milk Black Lemon by Ryusuke Nanki
an office with blue ceiling and white desks
Gallery of OPTIMEDIA Media Agency Office / Nefa Architects - 10
Gallery - OPTIMEDIA Media Agency Office / Nefa Architects - 10
an office with wooden partitions and plants on the wall, in front of large windows
Galería de Oficina en Poznan / Metaforma - 2
Oficina en Poznan,© Krzysztof Strażyński
an office with black walls and yellow accents on the ceiling, along with gray chairs