16 Boring Words (and what to write instead!)

16 Boring Words (and what to write instead!) [NOTE: Correct spelling is "jovial" instead of "jovial".

List of verbs followed by Gerunds.

Disadvantages of television essay in tamil The advantages and disadvantages of television Essay. I would like talk few words about advantages and disadvantages of television.

Idioms with Colours 1/2

Our native teachers at Word Perfect English have chosen their favourite idioms for countries and colours and created 3 beautiful word lists.

Common Verb Collocations in English. There are certain verbs that always go with certain nouns. We call this a collocation.

Common English Collocations

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La hora

Where better to learn Spanish then in Spain itself? La Herradura is a beautiful, safe, local Spanish town in the South of the country. Feel free to take a look at our website and contact us if you have questions!