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Attila Krepsz
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======= Misadventure 016 : Skyrim Serana's appearance after a long time Whatever Vilkas was thinking, it was not what our Dovahkiin had in mind. ======= First : Prev : Next :

Doodles: Wolves and werewolves by Pandadrake

I draw werewolves a lot and I usually have them very cartoon-ish and simplified, but my plan was to make them visually and culturally distinctive from r. Doodles: Wolves and werewolves

dragon age ~I can hear my Warden trying SO hard not to giggle while she "scolds" Morrigan.

While playing DAO for the first time I thought that Alistair and Morrigan acted a lot like siblings, and I still do.

soap boyfriends by Sanzo-Sinclaire on DeviantArt | Pavellan

it is finally fixed! i can upload stuff now again! ahh sweet mercy of apple pie and cherries at least i hope it will be fine! i so want to open commissions again for you ,my fr.