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an old rug with flowers and leaves on it
Chintz Fragments (India)
an old piece of art with flowers on it's side and leaves in the middle
Woven Textile Designs In Britain (1750 to 1763) [1]ArtClothMarie-Therese Wisniowski
1751 Garthwaite Art Quill Studio: Woven Textile Designs In Britain (1750 to 1763) - Part II[1]ArtClothMarie-Therese Wisniowski
an old book with gold and white floral designs on it's cover, sitting in front of a black background
Oops !
Papier dominoté sur les contreplats et les gardes volantes de : Almanach royal, année M.DCC.LI
an artistic painting with leaves and branches on white paper, which is very similar to the same pattern used in paintings
Patrones para textiles y papeles de pared. / William Morris.
ORGANIC SUCH AS BOTANICAL- rami foglie pianta // Patterns | Prints | Illustrations & wallpaper
an abstract pattern with gold dots and lines on a blue background that is very intricate
Pressed Cane Wallcovering, River Grey and Havana Red on Antique Cream
Pressed Cane in River Gray with hints of Havana Red from Manuka Textiles #red #neutral #geometric #wallpaper #wallcovering #interiordesign #designinspiration #thetextilefiles #clothandkindinteriordesign #manukatextiles
an image of colorful flowers and birds on a green background with red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, and white colors
Liberty Art Fabrics Elodie Bea A Tana Lawn Cotton
an abstract painting with blue, gold and white colors on the bottom part of it
Watching Archives - Beth Nicholas
texture with gold! See more texture inspirations at #LivingRoomFurniture #LivingRoomSets #ModernHomeDécor
an abstract blue and white wallpaper with wavy lines
Celi Lee.
an abstract blue and white pattern with small dots on the bottom half of the image
state of the state