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Double Dragon Alliance Taiji Ball Exercise Drills - YouTube

Master Liu Hong Cai demonstrates taiji training exercises using a mahogany wood ball, for developing sticking and adhering, plus Peng, Liu, Ji An energies.

▶ Tai Chi Ball for Parkinson's Patients - YouTube

This set of exercises, using a ball, is very beneficial for Parkinson's patients. I use these same exercises as a warm-up for the regular Tai Chi class I tea.

Yasuhiro Konishi

Hate it when people think it& to hurt people. Those people piss me off and the other people that think they know everything and try to imitate karate. You don& know anything about this sport.

Foot Reflexology. massage the part of your foot that corresponds to the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body!  Learned this in cosmetology school. Helps me get rid of headaches and cramps naturally.

Foot Reflexology: massage the part of your foot corresponding to the part of your body hurting & it will slowly reduce pain. (promotes blood circulation to that part of the body-Learned this in cosmetology school,Helps get rid of headaches& cramps )

Morihei UESHIBA 植芝 盛平(1883 –1969) - Japanese famous martial artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido. "Do not look upon this world with fear and loathing. Bravely face whatever the gods offer"

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that was founded in the early century by O-Sensei ("great teacher") Morihei Ueshiba. O-Sensei conceived of aikido as a martial art that defuses conflict withou.