Miami's Most Historic District, Little Havana

Vibrant and charming, Miami's most historic district is home to The Astor Companies' mixed use development, INTOWN.
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a table topped with bowls filled with green frosting and cupcakes on top of it
Azucar Ice Cream. Celia Cruz. Intown Condos. Calle Ocho.
pink and white dominos are scattered on the floor
an open door leading into a party with pink lights on the walls and tables in the background
Antique, nature, vibrant life. Intown Condos Sales Center
a group of people that are standing in the street with some flags on their heads
Univision 23 Miami
¡Así se vive Calle Ocho!
two glasses filled with ice and limes next to each other on a green table
Virgin Mojito
Mojito! #calleocho
there are many pieces of meat on the plate
Fried Sweet Plantains - Platanos Maduros
Fried Sweet Plantains – Plátanos Maduros
a neon sign that says coffee on the side of a building at night with lights
Calle Ocho all lit up!
a man walking down the street with a guitar strapped to his back, in front of a yellow building
#calleocho #intowncondos
several people sitting at a table with red and white pieces of cake on top of it
a glass jar filled with cut up food
Sugarcane for your mojitos #calleocho
#calleocho #intowncondos Books, Clothes, Turn Ons, How To Wear, Amazon, Loose, Different Styles, Style
#calleocho #intowncondos
two dominos are laying on the ground next to each other
Street art in Calle Ocho
a display case filled with lots of different types of cakes
Something sweet #calleocho