Come here, kitty. British street artist JPS shows this cat's graceful balance on a wall in Barcelona, Spain. Can you walk the chain as confidently?-via Street Art Utopia.

Best Street Art & Graffiti 2013 - Vienna, Austria by Miami-based artist (Photo by StreetArtNews)

Surfer Paints Hyper-Realistic Bathing Ladies at Water's Edge: Hawaiian surfer Sean Yoro, aka Hula, has combined his love of surfing and artistic talent to create

Jean-Francois Perroy alias Jef Aerosol - Are you an #artist ? Visit #art #arte @artystascom

Jean-Francois Perroy alias Jef Aerosol es un artista de graffiti,street art de Francia.

Roa completed this awesome African street art mural for I art Joburg in Johannesburg, South Africa. The mural features 6 massive sleeping african animals.

Urban street artist JPS has created amusing pop-culture street art that are accompanied by 'punny' messages.

When it comes to street art, size does matter! Large Scale Street Art Murals has a way of grabbing people's attention, with our building's getting larger and larger, our street art is getting bigger and bigger.

The Hawaian artist Hula paints beautiful women at abandonned walls and builidings in Hawai