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Mothman v3.0 by on @DeviantArt

A giant continent lost in time, where past and present are closer to the point of mixing. Savage, ruthless and violent, living in it takes more then just the will of living. Kroel tests the strengh.

081-AMBERITE [Amber-ite "greek suffix lithos meaning stone"] -Rock/Electric -The Amber pokemon -Ability: Static/Lightingrod - Sap Sipper(HA) -Dex: "This pokemons body is made from a mix o...

[Bastet-Statue] -Rock -The Statue Pokemon -Ability: Solid Rock/Magic Guard - Sand Force(HA) -Dex: "This pokemon was adored by. What's new pussycat

Pokémon plante, feu et eau

Favorite water type is mudkip favorite fire type is fennekin and favorite plant type is treeko