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the front and back cover of a brochure with images of buildings on it
an image of the back side of a poster
the cd cover for psyclo's post malone album, which features an
NEON LIME. on Instagram: “Album artwork designed by Wojciech Omiotek featuring typeface by @emilievizcano. @wojciech.omiotek + ⠀ For submissions #neonlimemagazine…”
a poster with an abstract design on the front and back of it, that says sn - shanted
73x5™ on Instagram: “Enchanted Humanoid 13.0 - - - #design #designer #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #visualdesign #visualdesigner #branding #typography #poster…”
the butterfly effect album cover with an image of a bird flying in front of it
Antithesis Daily on Instagram: “Let's end this year with another unpublished artwork created during 2019, an unused cover concept for a musical project soon to be…”
a purple and white card with the words live on it
a magazine cover with a woman's face on it
Cover Design and Photography image inspiration on Designspiration
Exchange Luke Brown #cover