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there are many tools hanging on the pegs in this room, including screwdrivers and pliers
21 ideas para ordenar el garaje ›
a wooden pallet with gardening tools hanging on it and the words lawn tool storage using a pallet
Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!
there are many tools hanging on the wall
31 Garage Organization whip yours into SHAPE!! | Make It & Love It
a metal shelving unit with four shelves on each side and one shelf in the middle
Estantería metálica en kit AR SHELVING 250x60x60cm - AR SHELVING - Leroy Merlin
Estantería metálica ajustable fabricada en acero por AR Shelving con acabado epoxi en color gris, perfiles de 1,2 mm de espesor y 7 baldas metálicas de 0,7 mm de espesor regulables en altura cada 2 cm. Soporta una carga máxima (uniformemente repartida) de 700 kilos (100 kilos por balda) y presenta una resistencia a la corrosión garantizada de 2 años. Sencillo montaje con tornillos (incluidos). Cuenta con un acabado funcional y muy decorativo, perfecto para organizar hogares, sótanos, garajes, tr
an outdoor storage area with flowers and plants
1️⃣ Find a dry place. The firewood must not get damp and must dry properly. 2️⃣ Stack the firewood allowing the air to pass through. Wood needs to be stored in a way that it is always ventilated. Look for a system that allows air flow underneath the firewood, such as a shelf with wire mesh. 3️⃣ Be careful when covering the wood. If we cover it completely, we will be preventing it from being properly ventilated. 4️⃣ Remember to stack the firewood on level ground, it is safer.
a garage filled with lots of different types of tires and other things on shelves next to each other
#DIDYOUKNOW that you can get 3 shelves using just 2?
3x2 with our Bullrack!🐂 Its design, in addition to being 100% robust and 100% resistant, allows the assembly of three sections using only two Bullrack shelving units. Frames can be shared, so with just two modules you can built another additionally. The best solution for workshops and small industries! #ARShelving #ShelvingIdeas #ShelvingSystem #StorageSolutions #MetalShelf #MetalShelves #MetalShelving #IndustrialStorage #WorkshopOrganization #Industry #3X2shelving #taptotidy #cleanfluencers
a woman kneeling down in front of a greenhouse filled with green plants and other plants
Best Outdoor Storage
In addition to the good weather and the high temperatures, it also stands out for the free time that comes with the arrival of the holidays. That' s why it's the perfect time to give a boost to that list of "pending projects" that you've been wanting to do all year long. Maybe you've been thinking about setting up your own greenhouse or orchard to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables? Watermelons, peppers, tomatoes... summer has a lot to offer!
there are two men in yellow vests standing next to some barrels and containers on the floor
Don't let your workshop become a landfill ⛔
With the rush during working hours and the heavy weight of industrial materials, it is common to leave them on the floor without any order. Take a look at this before and after. In this workshop they opted for two of our sturdiest shelving units to organise their warehouse. - #ARShelving #ShelvingIdeas #ShelvingSystem #StorageSolutions #MetalShelf #MetalShelves #MetalShelving #IndustrialStorage #WorkshopOrganization #Industry #beforeandafters #taptotidy #cleanfluencers
there are many metal numbers on the table in front of shelving shelves with other items
Best storage for a ceramic studio!
Handling clay to turn it into a form of expression is a fascinating process 🍶 At the @cocomotora ceramics studio in Bilbao, clay is worked every day. They are able to make countless wonderful ideas come true. It is an amazing process of creation, and we love having our shelves as part of their workshop. Go and admire the beauty of their profile! 👍🏽 - - - #metalshelf #metalshelving #shelvingideas #shelvingsystem #storagesolutions #workshop #clayart #ceramicstudio #ceramics #claycreations
the shelves are filled with wooden furniture and boxes
Héctor Esrawe / Esrawe studio, Genevieve Lutkin · NEW LOCATION
Héctor Esrawe / Esrawe studio, Genevieve Lutkin · NEW LOCATION · Divisare
the legs and feet of a woman in red boots standing on top of a white pedestal
How to use shelving correctly
Don't misuse #shelving ❌ More often than we would like, people climb the #shelves to reach the items stored at the top. With this post we want to point out that this practice is DANGEROUS. No matter how robust our products are, they are not designed for this. Even if the #shelf is anchored to the wall, it is likely to fall down due to the weight and damage the user! Avoid accidents, use #stepladders.👍🏼 #metalshelving #metallicshelf #storage #garage #accident #dangerous #keepsafe #storageroom
How to clean a shelf easily! 🤩
Last day we went down to our factory and found a sample of our Home Easy shelving. It had been here for a couple of months, accumulating a lot of dust and dirt. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the easy-to-clean quality of our products, so we just took a paper roll and got down to work! The finishing of our shelves are not only scratch-resistant, but also easy and quick to clean. #metalshelving #metallicshelf #shelving #storageroom #DIY #tutorial #tips #craft #howto
a garage shelving unit with tools on it
Best Father's Day GIFT!
Father's Day is coming up! On this occasion, we would like to show you again our new #workbench, the TOOL ORGANIZER, which offers an ideal corner for #DIY 🛠️ If you have a #handyman father 👨🏽‍🔧, one of those who spend all day doing renovations at #home, is the perfect gift for you! #fathersday #fathersdaygift #dad #happyfathersday #love #father #family #mothersd #daddy #gift #giftideas #handmade #diadelpadre #ARShelving #metalshelving #metallicshelf #garage #storage #workshop #storageroom
the storage rack is filled with various items and has several bins on each side
🔥 [ENDS TOMORROW] => This particular thing For Survival Prepping Medical seems 100 % brilliant, will have to bear this in mind the very next time I've a chunk of bucks saved up .BTW talking about money... Anyone who believes the competitive spirit in America is dead has never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another checkout line