Estuche para las agujas de calceta, tanto largas como circulares.

ideas for knitting needle storage. need something for circular needles as well. Pocket for sizer, and knitting accessories

Cerrado de puntos dos agujas

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Lately I've felt the need to look up from my pile of tax papers and take a deep breath! To take what's left of January to try and renew my creative juices. My hope is that this year will be one of m

Looking for Inspiration.... Sophie Digard (ORANGE SINK)

Llevábamos varios meses advirtiéndolo y el número Otoño/Invierno 2013 de la revista knit.wear nos lo confirmó. Los colores neón son una de las mayores tendencias del final del 2013. En la página cu...

Tendencia: hilados fluorescentes y colores neón

Inside boots crochet

Crochet PATTERN - Luxury Leg Warmers

Crochet pattern - Luxury Leg Warmers, lace, buttoned, chevron pattern without buttons - boot socks

PATTERN:  Yoga Socks, Dance, Pilates, Ballet, Leg Warmers, easy crochet, pdf, ankle, slouchy, dancer, Permission to Sell. $4.99, via Etsy.

PATTERN: Yoga Socks, Dance, Pilates, Ballet, Leg Warmers, easy crochet PDF, ankle, slouchy, dancer, InStaNT DowNLoaD, Permission to Sell