Arnoldus van den Hurk

Arnoldus van den Hurk

Arnoldus van den Hurk
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Natural Eruption -

This pic is listed under 4 different locations! Saw the ash plume on another volcano somewhere and connected the dots. It does seen to be Ararat though it has not been active for a century and a half.

This shows how you can save on money and not waste your money on the stuff you don't need to do. Like if you take a bath you should only fill the bath about 1/2 way not all the way to the top.

ENERGY SAVING TIPS - RUNNING AN ECO FRIENDLY HOME > Reducing energy usage around the home will save you money and help the planet too. Reducing energy has not got to be complicated or hard work. Here is a look at various ways it can be achieved.

Making Solar as Convenient as Diesel for Mines

The renewables sector is developing highly innovative technologies and business models to meet the specific needs of the global mining sector.

200MW wind farm for Mexican mine nears completion

wind farm for Mexican mine nears completion

How to create renewable energy solutions miners really want

Arnoldus Mateo van den Hurk Mir, CEO of is running a workshop on June in Johannesburg titled: An introduction to mining for the renewables