el tubo de arriba con ganchos, para colgar cosas

A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen with Hints of Japan

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Un hogar minimalista inteligente | Francés Por Diseño

Jäll & Tofta, a Berlin-based design studio, specializes in customized furniture and designs. This minimalist home is an example of their brilliant work.

This is the latest project of talented Marie Ramse and her team in a premium showroom apartment. This place is a showcase of luxury design pieces, combined with great custom fittings and a combination

Premium home in great style (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

JM Premium Apartment JM has launched a new Premium concept and the talented Marie Ramse and Emily Laye have partnered to.

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Diseño de la Cocina de un Foodie - Kansei

Diseño de la Cocina de un Foodie

appliance cupboard - Cupboard doors fold into cupboard exposing bench with big appliances hidden away, but easy to access and use.

Ask og Eng Studio - via Coco Lapine Design blog

Ask og Eng Studio - via Coco Lapine Design blog