Actv motriz fina pra ayudar a amarrarse los zapatos

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids This activity is great for young children to learn how the shoe laces work. It is easy to make, fun for kids and low cost. You can use real shoe too, but this tissue box makes it easier for young.


Egg Carton Colour Sorting

Toddler play activity pom pom colour sorting Play with colourful pom poms in the sensory table and sort them by colour into coloured egg cartons! Fine motor control, colour recognition and early sorting skills for toddlers and preschoolers.

Pre-writing practice. This is a typical Montessori activity - the sand tray - you can also use salt (white or coloured) on the light panel.

A small sandbox is a common Montessori activity. Uses pre-writing or teaching numbers/alphabet and shapes. (Fine or Large Muscle Movement Sensory Activities)

Motricidad fina, coordinación óculo-manual

Halloween Fine Motor: Giant Lacing Spiderweb

Actividades para niños método Montessori

Método Montessori: 6 actividades para niños de 2 años

Sorting Colors with Cardboard Tubes--this website has lots of great ideas for preschool fun! Could be fun with cardboard tubes and acorns and numbered baskets for a fall sorting activity.

arbre amb estampació de taps de suro

Fall / Thanksgiving l Tree Cork painting with wine corks for the kids! Such a good way to reuse the wine corks!

Els nens i nenes de P3 experimenten en diferents estris per pintar. Educació…

Els nens i nenes de P3 experimenten en diferents estris per pintar. Educació…

Actividades para el primer ciclo de Educación Infantil: +50 actividades de psicomotricidad fina

pipecleaners and strainer! (lots of good ideas for kids activities, homeschool, crafts) fine motor skill development

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Materiales educativos Montessori DIY ideales para trabajar en casa y en clase