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El día que muera y me vuelava un ser de luz, voy a electrocutar a varios cabrones que conozco

The day I die and I become a being of light, I'll electrocute several bastards I know

"My life is good. Real good."

Best costume ever! nacho libre and eskeleto! If I had kids I would have them do this costume!

Imagenes Chistes y Memes – Memes #20 - Mega Memeces

How do you get fired on your first day at a job at Disneyland? Put your Winnie the Pooh costume pants on backwards!

When my mom is in line and says that something is missing

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I asked my dog, 'How do I look?' He doesn't lie, that's why I love him. (Mi perrol no miente, por eso lo amo.