Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets by skinnytaste: calories/serving. Thanks to Rebecca Silbermann who made this yummy, healthy dinner for all of us : ) Chicken_Nuggets skinnytaste

doughnuts + milk

Mini Chocolate Doughnuts on a stick. Sticking out of the milk glass bottle. Perfect for a fun brunch or breakfast or a Donut Birthday party.

Raspberry Confetti Kisses

**Confetti Cookies - These are VERY sweet - but so easy to make and I had everything on hand. Perfect for Valentine's Day. maybe I'll make with Lime jello for St. Grape jello for Easter.


Nutella Sandwich Cookies

Anything with Nutella is good in my book. Nutella Sandwich Cookies from A Beautiful Mess.

Neapolitan Zebra Cake - Bakers Royale

Neapolitan Zebra Cake

Homemade Twix!

Thousand Dollar Bars