rams de núvia - ramos de novia - Brautstrauß - bouquet de mariée - bridal bouquet - 新娘花束 - свадебный букет
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a white candle surrounded by flowers and greenery
casament 3 d'agost 2013 Xavi i Elisa
a bridal bouquet with pink and white flowers in the foreground is being held by a woman
white flowers and greenery are arranged in a geometric arrangement on a black cloth background
an arrangement of orange flowers and greenery in a glass vase on a black background
свадебный букет
a bouquet of pink tulips in a vase with white ribbon tied around it
bouquet de mariée
purple flowers are arranged in a vase with greenery on the top and bottom side
bridal bouquet
a woman in a long purple dress is holding a pink flower arrangement on her arm
ramo de novia
an arrangement of flowers and plants hanging from the side of a body of water in front of a cloudy sky
ram de núvia