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Nikola Tesla by Koveck . Character Drawing Illustration

Yesterday I saw a portrait of inventor Nikola Tesla and immediately he reminded me some sort of ancient Tony Stark. Tesla for Inktober by koveck

XXl Century. The Future is Now.

Tops :: Striking Unbeatable Style Arm Warmer Diagonal Zip-up Hoodie - 15 - New and Stylish - Fast Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Product Very Assassin's Creed-esque jacket

Este tío es la personificación del Karma

Funny pictures about Cafeteria ninja. Oh, and cool pics about Cafeteria ninja. Also, Cafeteria ninja photos.

Sick box bro, what's inside? A PERIDOT

Sick box bro, what's inside? A PERIDOT<-- is this supposed to be a dick in the box reference