Antonio Quesada Velasco

Antonio Quesada Velasco

bueno eso es algo complicado por ke ni yo mismo se como soy eso lo tendria ke ponerlo mis amigos
Antonio Quesada Velasco
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Gladius Custom LED Saber similar to star wars tor jedi fx lightsaber, From the lawless fringes of republic space, comes the Gladius. This elegant weapon is an instrument of sublime destruction, suited for the hands of a worthy master. The hilt is machined

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Tatooine: Bola Station by Araknophobia

Here's a map I did for a Star Wars-themed roleplaying session. I run Star Wars with a homebrew system (which I recently found is quite similar to the SW.

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BlackWyrm is proud to announce a new line of dry-erase starship maps, designed by Ryan Wolfe of Ki Ryn Studios. His starship work has been seen in the Seren.