Antonio Quesada Velasco

Antonio Quesada Velasco

bueno eso es algo complicado por ke ni yo mismo se como soy eso lo tendria ke ponerlo mis amigos
Antonio Quesada Velasco
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Tatooine: Bola Station by Araknophobia

Here's a map I did for a Star Wars-themed roleplaying session. I run Star Wars with a homebrew system (which I recently found is quite similar to the SW.

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BlackWyrm is proud to announce a new line of dry-erase starship maps, designed by Ryan Wolfe of Ki Ryn Studios. His starship work has been seen in the Seren.

YT-1300_72dpi.jpg 504×702 pixels

I created the and designations in my "Secrets of the Falcon" article to justify a tradition of "stock" standardization within this starship model that was otherwise designed to be very modular and customizable.