Took my significant other at the time... Didnt want to slow dance to live version of Wonderful Tonight... Needless to say, ex-factor fo sho 1998

Some artists were so inspired by the music of Nirvana that they have even created some Kurt Cobain paintings. Leonid Afremov also has a painting of this musician in his art gallery. If you are a true Nirvana lover and an appreciator of art, do not hesitat

March 30, 1967. Sgt. Pepper's photo session.

vintage everyday: Photos of Making The Cover for Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, ca.

listening to The Beatles, is always a good moment.  Love all of their songs. Motivational cleaning music right here!  <3 Beatles on Bikes! <3

The Beatles riding bikes in Help, one of the funniest (weirdest) movies ever.