This is a picture of the game called Gears Of War. Gears Of War is third-person shooter video game. And reason why I chose this picture is because I love Gears Of War so much. It is my favorite video game.

La familia de guerra esta unida para destrozar aliens

Gears Of War marked the start of last-gen to many people due to its amazing visuals and satisfying cover-shooting mechanics. One of the XBOX shining moments.

The Bessemer scared me to death when I played because I was like 8 and it was the first one and he told me not to play the game but I didn't listen.

this is a picture of a berseker from the book which were uncontrollable rage monsters that could not be easily taken down

gears of war comics - Google Search

Gears of Wars is one of the best Xbox games ever, and this animation was cool.

Carteles minimalistas de videojuegos

Excessively Minimalist Movie Posters - Michal Krasnopolski's Posters Take Minimalism to Its Extemes (GALLERY)

Damon Baird from Gears of War Sumie style by ~MyCKs on deviantART

Character from the game Gears of War. Damon Baird from Gears of War Sumie style

Gears of War, infographic by Arturo "Black " Fonseca

Portfólio da Semana – Arturo Fonseca

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Gears of war By Carlos Gomez by luxun

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