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Fennec fox (Vulpes zerda). Possibly the cutest animal on Earth, but I wouldn't want one for a pet. An undomesticated, nocturnal, desert animal with finnicky eating habits probably wouldn't make a good household pet, regardless of how cute it is.

[A Fennec Fox lives in the Sahara desert. It has large ears for hearing prey, but mainly to help let heat escape from it's body, that accumulates, living in the desert. "DON'TS EVER F WIF A FENNEC FOX.

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5 Dog Breeds For Single Women German Shepherd is a very famous and versatile breed. It has got a good reputation because of its services in police and army. These dogs are one of the best proven guard dogs. This large dog (tall and up to about 90 pounds)

Fab Frock Friday | A little razzle-dazzle

An absolutely STUNNING, Ziad Nakad haute couture gown. From the gold embellishments to the progression of light to dark lavender shades. this dress is dream wedding material!

Macaquito   R$ 55,00 reais  Tam Único  Cinto 25,00 reais

Macaquito R$ 55,00 reais Tam Único Cinto 25,00 reais

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