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Do you think its the END!!! I hope not. Don't forget about the Movie. #FNAFMOVIE

scottgames update summary so far; “Sept The Endoskeletons Sept Fredbear/Golden Freddy Sept Withered Chica Sept JJ aka Balloon Girl Sept Balloon Boy Sept

:: Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Plushie 4SALE :: by Fallenpeach on DeviantArt

Finally I could take pitures of Foxy! He was done nearly a week ago but I couldn't post pictures because of the weather D:< Foxy is made from minky, . :: Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Plushie ::

Stop <<no <<<I'm done with this fandom <<<once you join you can't leave

“Springles, producing and selling chips since “You don’t just eat ‘em, you hide from ‘em!: I can’t belive I’m the only one who thought of this) ”