Fun free fonts!

A Tiny Bit of Typography {Free Fonts

by Nicholas Drayson

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa - A very sweet love story about a widower in Kenya who is in love with the widow who leads his morning bird watching group.

Marvellous Ray Morimura

Lotus Pond by Morimura Rei A Japanese artist from Tokyo who works mostly with wood block prints.

Here the artist’s ongoing concern for the preservation of the honey bee in the modern environment is directly echoed in the artwork subject. The piece displays the complex power balance observed within insect colonies, reflected in the artist’s characteristic delicate drawing style, at once protectively, yet overpoweringly encased in a matrix of foiled embossing- honey, …

Jessica Albarn- amazing beautiful prints contrasting honeycomb geometries and delicate bee pencil drawings

Vic Lee - Londonareas

Vic Lee's Lordship Lane - This artist/graphic designer chap has some cool stuff on his site

New North Press

Curated by Graham Bignell & Richard Ardagh, Reverting to Type will showcase the work of twenty contemporary letterpress practitioners from around the world.

What Katie Does - lovely booky print

"You could never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. Lewis But change tea to coffee.


Queen Bee & Worker – Wild Honey (p/p) by Jessica Albarn

What Katie Does | A design, travel and craft blog from a London designer

Into the Wild - I dislike the actual character Alexander Supertramp, but I admire some of his borrowed philosophies.