Place tape in certain areas.then allow the children to paint with red orange green and brown.remove the paint. Fall# craft for preschool PSIC, tableau arbre en maternelle.

Line Pattern Leaf

Line Pattern leaf -Art Projects for Kids: Have them choose an object and draw the contour. Then divide it into sections and create patterns using line.

Kids Crafts for Fall....

8 Gorgeous Fall Crafts for Kids! - hands on : as we grow

This thankfulness garland is of our favorite Autumn crafts and one that our family makes year after year! Do you have favorite autumn leaf craft?

How to Make A Beautiful Fall Leaf Garland

How to make a beautiful fall leaf garland from pressed autumn leaves & metallic marker doodles. Write what you are thankful for as a Thanksgiving variation.

Peinture de feuille

or do with an apple cutout! Could do multiple leaves and remove as I go. May be pretty neat!

La capsa de la tardor (racó sensorial)

A fun guessing game: Have students bring in items to add to this Fall Sensory Box!