Love this Solid/Liquid/Gas experiment with balloons: one with air, one with water, one with ice.

This teacher did this for a preschool lesson, but it can be adapted for older kids. They could drop or open the balloons and observe what happens to the solid liquid and gas inside it. This would help identify the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: States of Matter.. These are some fun ideas. The kids would love it!

States of Matter: Baking Soda in a balloon, on top of a bottle filled with vinegar makes a gas and fills up the balloon. We've almost finished the matter unit but this might be fun to show them either way.

Experimento infantil: un tornado en un frasco

Experimento infantil: un tornado en un frasco

This tornado in a jar would be a great visual for a science lesson. It is easy to make and interactive. The students can shake the jar in a circle to get the tornado formation and see its shape and how it moves. Adding "Elijah" to the jar?

Qué tus pequeños se diviertan jugando con burbujas....

Divertidas burbujas para jugar

Snake bubbles: -an empty bottle (I used a Gatorade bottle) -rubber band -terry cloth (I used a wash cloth) -liquid dish soap -water Mix the dish soap with some water, I did a 2 to 1 ratio soap to 1 water).

Experimento infantil: ¡frascos que brillan en la oscuridad!

Cómo hacer un frasco que brilla en la oscuridad

Your kids will not believe their eyes when you turn off the lights and reveal the glow of the Floating Fairies Glow Jar. Gorgeous glow in the dark crafts like this kids' craft project are one of the greatest ways to decorate for sleepovers.