Deco para interior y exterior!

Descubre las claves para decorar bien terrazas, porches y jardines

Reciclado de frascos de dulce para iluminar espacios en forma decorativa y segura.  Contacto l  Néstor P. Carrara S.R.L l ¡En su 35° aniversario!


DIY wedding ideas and tips. DIY wedding decor and flowers. Everything a DIY bride needs to have a fabulous wedding on a budget!

Easy Water Marble Step by Step Nail DIY - Ha, I'd probably still find a way to mess this up!

This less messy water marbling technique involves stamping with a tampon (yes, a tampon). 32 Easy Nail Art Hacks For The Perfect Manicure

IRISH SETTER -- beautiful dog

Irish Setter is a long haired dog breed.Irish Setters are in Top 5 most affectionate dog breeds.They are loyal,agile and intelligent dogs and are dogs that get along really well with kids.


Funny pet picture of a Cerberus dog costume. A small canine with three heads in this humorous Halloween getup and animal comedy photo.


Various hair up do for our beautiful brides, hundreds of matching tiaras and hair pins for these styles ! some of my favorite buns