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a piece of paper that has writing on it and is written in black ink with small letters
Handwritten Stitches - Handstitched Words
I am still working out how to make words float in space. Here are some amazing pieces to inspire: Donna Rumble-Smith Tabitha Kyoko Mos...
an old man sitting in front of a window with glasses on his face and looking off to the side
Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse en #Quotes #Matisse #Art
a man standing on top of a toilet in a bathroom covered in grafitti
T for tout
Jean Dubuffet in his atelier, working on “Site Scriptuaire II”, Paris 23 Feb. 1974 -by Kurt Wyss
a sculpture of a horse in the middle of a room with a quote on it
two piece installation made from reclaimed plastic utensils by Sayaka Ganz
an old man holding his hands to his forehead
Pablo Picasso. Documental Guernica, pintura de guerra
Área Visual: Pablo Picasso. Documental Guernica, pintura de guerra
a woman in a bodysuit is standing on the street with her hands behind her head
Numéro September 2012 by Karl Lagerfeld
Manège Couture | Karl Lagerfeld #photography | Numéro 136 September 2012
the sculpture is made out of wood and has melted paint on it
Duramen by Bonsoir Paris
Duramen, a series of sculptures, which began as wooden frames that are then reimagined into something indistinguishable.