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Dutch Graphic Artist --- Maurits Cornelis Escher (June 17, 1898 – March 27, 1972), usually referred to as M. C. Escher. He is best known for his often…
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two pictures one has a man and the other is a woman holding a mirror ball
Escher, Mauritis (1899-1972) - 1935 Self Portrait in Spherical Mirror. "I try in my prints to testify that we live in a beautiful and orderly world, not in a chaos without norms, even though that is how it sometimes appears. My subjects are also often playful: I cannot refrain from demonstrating the nonsensicalness of some of what we take to be irrefutable certainties." . . . "Drawing is deception."
how to draw an impossible square in the shape of a rectangle and cubes
How to Draw an Impossible Square Illusion
How to Draw an Impossible Square Illusion - http://www.moillusions.com/how-to-draw-an-impossible-square-illusion/
a large group of birds are flying in the sky over a blue and white quilt
M.C. Escher, Sky and Water II. Woodcut, 1938.
an image of three balls and one is in black and white with the reflection of two people
3-Spheres - Escher
an image of some kind of building that looks like it is made out of paper
The House of Escher.
a black and white drawing of an old street
Escher still life with street
three ribbons flying in the air with clouds behind them
a black and white drawing of a stack of ribbons on top of eachother
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M.C. Escher, 1954
a black and white photo of a building with stairs leading up to the second floor
the four images show different types of plants and animals in their natural habitat, including an ocean wave
by Oscar Ramos --- Inspired by Esher