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three women sitting at a table in front of the eiffel tower
people walking down the street at night with one woman talking on her cell phone and another man holding his hand out
Pink, Inspirasi, Aesthetic, Fancy, Pretty In Pink, Sade
@zaripova.u @elenazaripova Fashion, Clothes, Winter Outfits, Outfits, Ootd, Different Outfit Aesthetics, Different Outfits, My Style
@zaripova.u @elenazaripova
wine, cheese and grapes are on the counter next to two glasses of white wine
Cartier Rug
@domsli22 - ניקול נעמי
a group of people sitting around a dinner table
🌃dinner party
there are many desserts on the table with strawberries in cups next to it
three beautiful young women sitting next to each other holding wine glasses in their mouths and laughing
Fashion Killa, Cold Fashion, Fur Fashion, Fashion Outfits
there is a bar with many bottles on the wall and stools in front of it