Fruit jello

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Mango-Strawberry Jello Recipe

Mango-Strawberry Jello

Tropical mango and sweet strawberries are the perfect marriage in this pretty, crowd-pleasing jello recipe. We like the subtle tang the orange juice provides in this strawberry jello recipe, but using all mango juice works well too.


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Healthier Grape Jello Recipe from scratch

Grape Jello

Recipe: Sangria Jello -- We took the classic flavors of sangria and turned it into a grown-up jello recipe for dessert. Look for a sweet red wine (not dry) to use in this delicious jello recipe. (from Eating Well Magazine)

Raspberry Jello Recipe

Raspberry Jello

Champagne Raspberry Jello - In this grown-up take on jello, we combine cran-raspberry juice with Champagne and fresh raspberries for a sparkling crimson dessert recipe.