Artwork in Cafe De Juliannas

Lake Dock, Thousand Islands, Canada. The Light Purple & Blues Of The Hills, Water & Sky In The Background Create A Cool Tone To The Image. The Leaves Complement It Well & Add To The Peace & Tranquility.

One of the first thing I notice about people are their eyes, and this piece of artwork just reminds me how beautiful and complex and eye can be.

Colored Pencil Eye (As a teenager I did coloured pencil, high realism animals exclusively. I should rty coloured pencil again!

Artwork by Thubakabra

Pencil drawing is an art form that has been prevalent in the creative world from years. Long back in times when camera was yet to be invented, pencil drawing was very popular among people. Pencil d…


This shows balance in it appears symmetrical but it is asymmetrical. The right side is heavier, and the door, which appears to be the focal point in the artwork, is off center to the left.


Daniel F. Gerhartz Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Giclee on Textured Canvas: "Extending Grace" - Daniel F.