c'est mieux qu'en vrac dans le sac à main!...

Costura fácil: hacemos un estuche para el cepillo de dientes


Cute sewing kit gift idea - This is a cute idea for a quiet baby doll clutch for church or quiet times.

"Sunnies" un caso gafas de sol tutorial

Sunglasses Case Sewing Pattern

Crocheted trim inspiration

Bags & Handbag Trends : crochet sur un panier en osier : super bo !

Muy buena idea para que no se enreden !!!

DIY Blue Polka Dot Earphone Case -- Teenagers need these to keep their earbuds from getting tangled up in their book bags and purses.

crocheted pouches by Anne-Claire Petit

podkins: Aren’t these crocheted pencil cases by Anne-Claire Petit lovely? She always does such sweet work!

Hop ! Je trouve ma carte – Julypouce tricote

Pics are self explanatory, another simple way to crochet a purse zip onwards.