Kevin Costner

Picture: Kevin Costner in 'Bull Durham.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Kevin Costner featuring 37 pictures.

Pierce Bronson, Brosnan..who cares, I like looking at his face!

Pierce Brosnan: Remington Steele, The Thomas Crown Affair, James Bond, Mamma Mia.

lawrence olivier | Omar Sharif: UNF y punto. Lo pongo junto a Peter O'Toole para fan ...

One of the greatest actors of our age. Olivier began his career as a Shakespearean stage actor before coming to cinema. Some of his best known films: Wuthering Heights Rebecca, Hamlet, That Hamilton Woman, Richard III and Spartacus.

Patrick Swayze  Lisa and his mother

Choreographer and dance instructor Patsy Swayze, the mother of late actor Patrick Swayze, died Sept.

Paul Newman en “Hud”, 1963........Those eyes . Enough said.

Paul Newman, 1957 You know you look at him & salute all he did for his charities, applaud his acting talent, admire the husband he was, envy Joanne and think dammmmnnnnn he is hot!

Brad Pitt. Legends of the Fall, such a fantastic movie

Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall Movie wallpapers. Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall movie poster. Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall movie wallpaper.

Plantas para la sala de Reiki

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john wayne

20 Actores del viejo Hollywood que demuestran que antes se hacían mejores HOMBRES

Recognize him? It's a 24 year old John Wayne from the 1931 movie "Three Girls Lost" Whoa, John looks very young in this photo!

70 PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE (Historical Images) - YouTube

Please find below a fantastic collection of photographs chronicling some of the most interesting curiosities that occurred in the history of mankind. We pres.