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Mandala timelapse - ASMR Drawing
Mandala Patterns | Instagram- kalakriti.karishma
Sacred Geometry of a Mandala | How to Draw a Mandala | Drawing Meditation | Art Therapy
a drawing of a circular object with lines in the middle and one point at the center
#polyhedron #solid #geometry #symmetry #handmade #mathart #regolo54 #pastel #escher #structure #circle
a drawing of three cubes with lines in the middle
Ecclipsis on Twitter
a person is drawing on paper with a pen
Color and Black and White Dynamic Doodles
Empire State Building NY USA. Color and Black and White Dynamic Doodles. By Visoth Kakvei.
someone is drawing an intricate design on paper
Zentangle, arte y meditación - Moove Magazine
El método Zentangle consiste en dibujar libremente patrones dejando volar nuestra creatividad, al mismo tiempo que la concentración mental en este ejercicio consigue relajarnos. Zentangle surge de unir las palabras “zen” y “tangle” (“enredo” en inglés), y el nombre es una descripción bastante clara de esta disciplina: una forma de meditar mientras nos dedicamos a …
a black and white drawing of butterflies with checkerboard design on it's wings
Hero Arts
Has so many sites and tutorials for zentangles
a black and white drawing of a flower with lots of details on it's petals
Didisch website
Didisch website: juli 2013
four black and white pictures with different designs on them, each depicting an abstract flower arrangement
Zentangle ATCs
Zentangle ATCs by PRaile, via Flickr - Zentangle like - zentangle inspired - zentangle patterns - #zentangle
a screen shot of a cell phone with trees drawn on it
I ♥ Etsy - Eloise Renouf
fun ways to draw trees -- drawing lesson