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a group of people standing in a circle with their hands together and looking up at the camera
a large building with a giant white letter on it's face and trees in the foreground
Volkswagen factory in the middle of the City Park #YoungDresden
there are many different pictures in this collage that include buildings, bicycles and other things
Alemania, cómo no: me encantan sus calles y su carácter único #YoungDresden
the top of an old building with many windows
there is a view from the top of a mountain
These amazing rocks near Dresden are called Bastei, and this Natural Park is worth a visit! (Similar to "los Mallos" in Spain)
a man dressed as santa claus sitting on a bench in the middle of an alleyway
Umbria rocking' Santa :) #Mirabilia2014 - Perugia
four different pictures with flowers and doors
Victoria, Gozo, Marta #Maltaismore @descubremalta @visitmalta
three people standing next to each other in front of a body of water with the city skyline behind them
#NYC #WTC with my beloved #Twins
two people are diving in the ocean with their hands on their face and one is holding something up
Under the sea... Gozo! #maltaismore @descubremalta @visitMalta
many boats are docked in the water near buildings
Lo conocido… y desconocido de Copenhague #VisitDenmark
two canoes sitting on the shore of a lake in front of trees and water
Viikinsaari Island, #Tampereallbright, #VisitFinland
#VisitHelsinki #Visitfinland Pumps, Christian Louboutin, Visit Helsinki
#VisitHelsinki #Visitfinland
a large body of water next to a building
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Guggenheim Bilbao
a man with a guitar on stage in front of a large screen that says tokerse heaven
Los Festivales de Flandes
Los Festivales de Flandes - el blog oficial de tripwolf
the face of an ancient statue is surrounded by trees
Cambodia | Bayon by slecocqphotography on DeviantArt